Acadia’s Aptly Named New EP ‘All Heart’ Review

Where do I start with Acadia’s new EP? These guys have grown massively since their previous release, which in itself was a fantastic record. But this time they’ve outdone themselves with the outstandingly heart breaking new EP ‘All Heart’. Hailing from Portland, Maine Acadia have proved with this record that they have the ability to stand up with the big guns.

Not only is the new EP structurally fantastic, its heavy on the heart lyrically, which is always a real winner for me. If you’re looking to really feel something and you want raw, honest lyrics that will definitely move you then you really will find that and so much more in All Heart.  Into this record Acadia have clearly poured every ounce of passion, it explodes with love, with sentiment and epic feeling from a band who are sure to go on to amazing things

Its the vocals that really pulled me under, which in my opinion are simply transcending, at times they cut deep with a growl and a gravelly tone and other times they are taking you to far away places with out of worldly high notes, partner these vocals with the sincerity in the lyrics and I am won over and I promise you will be too. The EP keeps us interested all the way through with never a dull moment from the guys. The record drops on 2/2 and these guys are a huge one to watch this year.

in the meantime check out the lead single taken straight from All Heart ‘Dryspell’ is one hell of a track. Have a listen and be sure to check out the EP when it drops on Friday!

American Arson’s PVRIS Cover is Everything Today

American Arson bring raw, honest rock to the table and they do it so damn well. Their latest EP ‘Waymaker’ which was released last year blew our minds and effortlessly made us sit up and listen to what these guys had to say.

Their latest work is an outstanding cover of the Pvris track ‘No Mercy’ putting their brilliant American Arson stamp on it. These guys are just going to get better and better. Enough chit chat, check it out below!

Check out the heart felt new track ‘Forever’ from Percival Elliot

Hailing from the south coast of England Percival Elliot are an indie-folk rock duo made up of Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier. Their music boasts a beautiful soundscape that seems to place a nostalgic and soothing feeling upon the listener. With their highly anticipated new record Save Your Soul set for release early this year and sold out shows around the UK already under their belt, Percival Elliot are one to watch in 2018.

Their latest release Forever hugely impressed me upon first listen, it may not be as in your face as a lot of the music reviewed or talked about over here at NoiseFlash but it grabbed my attention for different reasons. It grabbed my attention for its captivating beauty and an incredible softness which seems to provoke a million different emotions all at once.

Forever is the first single to be released off the upcoming album Save Your Soul. The track centres around eternal love, Hite stated ‘Forever is about a chance meeting with someone. Sparks and butterflies, even if its just for a second, that feeling can last forever’. This is a feeling we can all relate to, and the song brings all them emotions to the surface.

One of the most wonderful things I noticed about this track was the layering of the song, with string quartets, spine tingling vocal harmonies and piano melodies that make the hairs on your arms stand up. These guys deserve a few minutes of your time to check out the new single, after one listen you’ll be searching for more tracks, promise you that.  You can check the track out for yourself below and go give the guys a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter through the links provided.

Check Out Some Of Our Favourite EP’s Of 2017

So we’ve been doing our countdown of our top 50 LP’s of The year over on instagram and I think it’s time we got down (in no particular order) to some of our favourite EP’s of the year! Take a look! There’s a track off each EP to have a listen to! Enjoy!!

Gardenside – Gardenside

Previous Love – Previous Love

Coast To Coast – The Length Of A Smile

Rival Town – Make It Work

Witterquick – Fire & Ice

You Vs Yesterday – How’s This For Honesty

Bellevue Days – Rosehill

American Arson – Waymaker

Balance and Composure – Slow Heart

Acres – Smoke and Decay

Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 1

Farewell in Vegas – Serenades

7 Minutes In Heaven – Symmetry

Life Lessons – Best When In Motion

Low Tides – i need silence to sleep well

Rio Wiley – Less Low (U Better Listen not taken from this EP)

Senses Fail – In Your Absence

A Better Hand – The Longest Drive

Check Out The New Moose Blood Video Here!

In a smoke filled room we find our guys playing out their new single on the new video, Moose Blood have come a very long way in the last few years and it’s not hard to see why, their sound is incredible, their lyrics are honest, down to earth and so damn relatable. The new track ‘Talk In Your Sleep’ follows that same pattern, giving us all new Moose Blood in the same amazing way.

Moose Blood have always lay all their cards on the table and worn their heart on their sleeve, this is what I love so much about them. The gut wrenching vocal performances always compel me to pay such close attention to their lyrics. ‘Talk In Your Sleep’ is delivered so fantastically that it’ll be hard for anyone to bad mouth it, I love it and here it is below along with the lyrics for you to enjoy, which I’m 100% sure you will.

You can catch them on tour around the UK in Early March with The Dangerous Summer. They hit the US in late March all the way through until April with Lydia and McCafferty. (Full tour info below the video). I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore will be out March 9th on Hopeless Records and already I can see it as a 2018 album of the year contender! Check it out!!

Packing up your things again

And I thought we were past this

I don’t need reminding

Of something I can’t forget

I’m real sorry to my mother

Cause I know how much you loved her

This could’ve been so different

It’s just too hard to move on from yet

And I’d give up everything

For a moment of your time

I’d give up everything

No one ever took my eyes off you girl

And I wish that you could stay

I guess I’m always waiting for you

To come back and call my name

Like we both still felt the same

I’m miserable

And I don’t want you to know

I’ve still got your picture in my wallet

I want you to know I’ve still got it

I can’t seem to take it out

As much as I want to lose it now

I miss hearing you talk in your sleep

The sight of blood it makes you weak

And the way you look at me over your phone

And your scent all through my home

I close my eyes

You’re all I see

You’re all I hear

You’re all I need

And you don’t leave

Like the smoke in my lungs

I can’t sleep

Boston Manor Drop New Video For ‘Drowned In Gold’

After releasing one of the best albums of 2016 Boston Manor are back with new music, their new track ‘Drowned In Gold’ premiered on Daniel P. Carter’s Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 last night! The new video sees the Blackpool lads showing us what they do best, playing us the track in a nice simple video that still manages to strike a lot of emotion.

Boston Manor have already made their own sound and style and the new track is as Boston-Manor-y as it could possibly be, we love that their sound hasn’t changed too much since ‘Be Nothing’ there’s still that beautiful angst, that classic breakdown leading up to that explosive ending with screams of ‘Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun’, amazing track and I for one can not wait for the up coming LP, check it out and read the lyrics below.

Drowned In Gold” Lyrics

Choose love, choose tears, choose burning everything that you are near.

Choose hate, choose hypocrites who whisper in your ear. Choose faith, choose a loaded gun inside your pillowcase. Choose sex, choose something just for choosing something’s sake.

Well maybe you deserve better, cause the blues are forever. For the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers; it keeps getting harder, keeps getting harder to live.

Choose friends, choose scum, choose to stick around for all the years to come. Choose wealth, choose all the awful things that you have done. Choose Death, regret everything you wish that you had said. Choose trust, choose clinging on just because you must.

Well maybe you deserve better, cause the blues are forever. For the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers; it keeps getting harder, keeps getting harder to live.

Get yours, I got mine.

No second chances, don’t you act surprised.

This time, I’m bullet proof you won’t take me alive.

Well maybe you deserve better, cause the blues are forever. For the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers; it keeps getting harder, keeps getting harder to live.

Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun (x4)

We Spoke To Farewell In Vegas About Their Latest EP ‘Serenades’

If you’re a Post-Hardcore fan and you haven’t already heard of Farewell In Vegas then you’re missing out on one of the top EP’s in your favourite genre this year.

Farewell In Vegas are a French Post-Hardcore outfit consisting of Jia Dabright (vocals), Theo Brasseur (Bass-Guitar), Francois Blanckaert and Arnaud Lefebvre (Drums).

Their latest EP  “セレナーデ (Serenades)” dropped last month and it’s something you need on your latest playlist. They exude confidence throughout the entire EP, each track is sincere and comes straight from the heart. There seems to be a track on this album for every fan of the rock genres, Their blend of Post-Hardcore, abrasive nu-metal and metalcore is all our favourite elements thrown into one. If you’re looking for nice face-melting licks, they’re here. If you’re looking for something to bang your head to, its on this record, if you’re looking for emotion and melody, you guessed it, its on this EP. Its a fantastic listen from start to finish and I highly recommend checking it out.

I caught up with the guys in the following interview.

Q: The new EP is extremely emotional in the most beautifully aggressive way. Is there a deep meaning behind this release, if so, can you tell us more about it?

(Jia) We formerly were in a metal band, so I guess there still be a little bit of “metal music” in this record. Anyway, we simply made something we like and that we’d like to play in concerts when we composed it. For the lyrics, it’s a bit different. Even in my former project, I always talked about love in different forms. Falling in love, falling apart… You know it’s not always that easy for everyone (us included) so I wanted to talk about love, because when it comes to compose it’s all about what I feel like expressing. Love is the most important thing in this world, this is what could save us all.

(Théo) Our music is a translation of our feelings.

Q: Your track “Bulma” seems to have grabbed a lot of attention over YouTube and social media, how much does this mean to you?

(Jia) A lot! Because Bulma is by far our favourite one! So I guess everyone in the band is happy that it got that much of attention. Moreover, we filmed a music video for it so… It’s perfect!

(Théo) Bulma is our favourite song on this EP. We really wanted to make something great about the music video and we expected a big attention on it. Thank you all!

Q: Where do you want to take this band? Where do Farewell in Vegas aspire to be in the next few years?

(Jia) In the next few years? Playing on the biggest stages on earth. Nothing more, nothing less. Partying all over the world with people in concert…

(Theo) On the Top Charts! (ahahah)

Travel the world and share our music, our uiverse. That’s all we want.

(Arnaud) We have ambition for this project, we want to go as far as possible

Q: Which track off the upcoming EP means the most to you guys, which song should we get most excited about hearing?

(Jia) Each song from this EP has its own atmosphere so, just find the one which talks to you the most!

(Théo) Bulma is my favourite track on this EP, maybe the vibes, each song has its athmosphere, Jia said it !

Q: What have Farewell in Vegas learned from making this record?

(Jia) As a musician, I found the perfect bandmates. I mean, people that I can hang with, play music and talking during hours. It’s really important for me to feel free to be who I am in a band and be able to express myself the way I want to do it. In the beginning, Theo and I, had difficulty in finding members, but now, I guess we’re all set and that’s the more important according to me.

Review and Interview by Liam Stirzaker