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Bare Teeth – First The Town, Then The World

  After their demo did so well French Punk Rockers ‘Bare Teeth’ have gone all out on their latest release ‘First The Town, Then The World’. Made up of 7 fast paced infectious tracks, and one gripping acoustic performance, this Contagious new EP will be appreciated by even the hardest Punk Rock fans! Check out

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The Best Of Pop Goes Punk!

With Punk Goes Pop Vol.7 just around the corner I have compiled a list of the best songs from the Punk Goes Pop series so far!

An Interview With Whale Bones

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana Alternative Indie band Whale Bones throw together influences from Post-Hardcore and Alternative Prog Rock music and stamp their own high powered and unique spin on it.   Their debut release ‘The Seaside EP’ was released back in 2015. This haunting and endearingly honest 5 track EP was inspired by an adventure to the coast

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Favourites Stick Around 

I’ve been a fan of all genres of rock music for as long as i can remember. maybe it was hearing nirvana on the radio as a child.maybe it was that first cassette tape i bought (Papa Roach- Last Resort Haha) but this list of albums are ones i will always remember for being there for me when i had not much else. These are the ones i still listen to all the time.