Cures And Curses’ ‘Lost Out’ Is One You Can’t Miss Today

Cures and Curses’ killer new single ‘Lost Out’ is a beat heavy, atmospheric listening delight. The alternative rock duo made up of Aaron Akpojaro and David Blackburne are based in Liverpool, UK. ‘Lost Out’ has that emotionally driven sound that we are always drawn to, the lyrics are full of sentiment, the heart-stopping choruses are beautifully balanced out by those moody and moving verses, this seems like a rock duo that can (and will) provide more and more great tracks in the coming months.

Cures and Curses’ EP is set for release mid 2018 with no official release date as of yet. This track ‘Lost Out’ is the follow up to their debut track ‘Fall Apart, Crash Together’ which you can check out Here

I think after listening to these first couple of tracks by Cures and Curses anyone who is interested in the type of music we rave about over here at NoiseFlash will be eagerly awaiting another release from the guys, very impressive stuff. These guys really are one to watch in 2018, stoked for what’s next.


Check Out Some Of Our Favourite EP’s Of 2017

So we’ve been doing our countdown of our top 50 LP’s of The year over on instagram and I think it’s time we got down (in no particular order) to some of our favourite EP’s of the year! Take a look! There’s a track off each EP to have a listen to! Enjoy!!

Gardenside – Gardenside

Previous Love – Previous Love

Coast To Coast – The Length Of A Smile

Rival Town – Make It Work

Witterquick – Fire & Ice

You Vs Yesterday – How’s This For Honesty

Bellevue Days – Rosehill

American Arson – Waymaker

Balance and Composure – Slow Heart

Acres – Smoke and Decay

Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 1

Farewell in Vegas – Serenades

7 Minutes In Heaven – Symmetry

Life Lessons – Best When In Motion

Low Tides – i need silence to sleep well

Rio Wiley – Less Low (U Better Listen not taken from this EP)

Senses Fail – In Your Absence

A Better Hand – The Longest Drive

We Spoke To Farewell In Vegas About Their Latest EP ‘Serenades’

If you’re a Post-Hardcore fan and you haven’t already heard of Farewell In Vegas then you’re missing out on one of the top EP’s in your favourite genre this year.

Farewell In Vegas are a French Post-Hardcore outfit consisting of Jia Dabright (vocals), Theo Brasseur (Bass-Guitar), Francois Blanckaert and Arnaud Lefebvre (Drums).

Their latest EP  “セレナーデ (Serenades)” dropped last month and it’s something you need on your latest playlist. They exude confidence throughout the entire EP, each track is sincere and comes straight from the heart. There seems to be a track on this album for every fan of the rock genres, Their blend of Post-Hardcore, abrasive nu-metal and metalcore is all our favourite elements thrown into one. If you’re looking for nice face-melting licks, they’re here. If you’re looking for something to bang your head to, its on this record, if you’re looking for emotion and melody, you guessed it, its on this EP. Its a fantastic listen from start to finish and I highly recommend checking it out.

I caught up with the guys in the following interview.

Q: The new EP is extremely emotional in the most beautifully aggressive way. Is there a deep meaning behind this release, if so, can you tell us more about it?

(Jia) We formerly were in a metal band, so I guess there still be a little bit of “metal music” in this record. Anyway, we simply made something we like and that we’d like to play in concerts when we composed it. For the lyrics, it’s a bit different. Even in my former project, I always talked about love in different forms. Falling in love, falling apart… You know it’s not always that easy for everyone (us included) so I wanted to talk about love, because when it comes to compose it’s all about what I feel like expressing. Love is the most important thing in this world, this is what could save us all.

(Théo) Our music is a translation of our feelings.

Q: Your track “Bulma” seems to have grabbed a lot of attention over YouTube and social media, how much does this mean to you?

(Jia) A lot! Because Bulma is by far our favourite one! So I guess everyone in the band is happy that it got that much of attention. Moreover, we filmed a music video for it so… It’s perfect!

(Théo) Bulma is our favourite song on this EP. We really wanted to make something great about the music video and we expected a big attention on it. Thank you all!

Q: Where do you want to take this band? Where do Farewell in Vegas aspire to be in the next few years?

(Jia) In the next few years? Playing on the biggest stages on earth. Nothing more, nothing less. Partying all over the world with people in concert…

(Theo) On the Top Charts! (ahahah)

Travel the world and share our music, our uiverse. That’s all we want.

(Arnaud) We have ambition for this project, we want to go as far as possible

Q: Which track off the upcoming EP means the most to you guys, which song should we get most excited about hearing?

(Jia) Each song from this EP has its own atmosphere so, just find the one which talks to you the most!

(Théo) Bulma is my favourite track on this EP, maybe the vibes, each song has its athmosphere, Jia said it !

Q: What have Farewell in Vegas learned from making this record?

(Jia) As a musician, I found the perfect bandmates. I mean, people that I can hang with, play music and talking during hours. It’s really important for me to feel free to be who I am in a band and be able to express myself the way I want to do it. In the beginning, Theo and I, had difficulty in finding members, but now, I guess we’re all set and that’s the more important according to me.

Review and Interview by Liam Stirzaker

We Spoke To The Faceplants About Their New Single ‘Who I Am Inside’

Vancouver based rock band The Faceplants latest single ‘Who I Am Inside’ is today’s Track Of The Day. This huge, powerful anthem demands attention right from the get go. The emotional yet assertive sound really made our ears prick up over here at NoiseFlash. 

It’s a track that you simply can’t let slip through your fingers in 2017. I spoke to the guys about their latest single. You can watch the official music video underneath!

I remember the first time Daniel played “Who I Am Inside” for me on the guitar. It was a big turning point for our band and it was the first song that everyone in the band was super drawn to lyrically. 

Who I Am Inside talks about being honest with who you are and realizing that sometimes things aren’t always okay. Everyday people struggle with themselves internally and try to hide it. This was a record about coming clean and saying “Hey, everything isn’t always great or perfect ,but thats life”. 
Just like 90 percent of our songs we always start off with a really detailed demo. We’re a super hands on band that really likes to be as creative as we can with our songs & production. 
As soon as the demo’s done and everyone has put their two cents into the song, thats when we show our producer “Ben Kaplan” the track and started recording the final version. We use the demo as a template then pretty much start replacing the stuff that we want to change. 
We got some really exciting things coming up including a new single, new merch line and dropping a record early next year. Next year is set to be the busiest year for the band and were going to be on the road and play as many shows as we can! Make sure to check us out at and follow us on twitter, Instagram and Facebook everything is @thefaceplants 
Thanks Noise Flash for having us as the “Track Of The Day” !!

Circa Survive Drop stunning new video for title track The Amulet!

September 22nd is only a few weeks away and it’s going to bring with it an awesome new album from legendary Post-Hardcore band Circa Survive. Title track The Amulet is the third single to be released from the upcoming album and so far it’s shaping up to be huge! Check out the new video below!


I Talked To Thieves and Lovers About Their New Single ‘The Long Goodnight’

If it’s one of those lazy summer days where you need that perfect chilled track to help you unwind, Thieves and Lovers’ latest single ‘The Long Goodnight’ is the perfect choice. With flowing guitars and dreamy soundscape, it’s sleek, attractive and very pleasing on the ears. The thing that really gets me is the warm and gentle beauty of Stoner’s vocals, they really attached me to this track.

There are some clear influences on this track like Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters but hearing these influences woven in takes nothing away from the originality of ‘The Long Goodnight’. If you are a fan of any of these two bands you’ll love Thieves and Lovers, Just like we do at Noiseflashmusic. Check out the single below.

I caught up with Brandon Stoner (Guitar/Vocals) from the band in the following interview.

Q. Your new single ‘The Long Goodnight’ is out now, what inspired this song?

A. The song is about having to accept where life takes you. I (Stoner) was living in LA for almost a decade and the bottom just dropped out. I didn’t want to leave, but I also knew I had no choice. It was definitely written from a jaded point-of-view.

Q. How have your shows been going lately? What’s the one band/artist you dream of touring with? 

A. Shows have been really great! They keep getting better. We’re lucky to be based out of a city that is really supportive of the arts (Pittsburgh, PA). We would love to tour with the Gaslight Anthem. We’re all huge fans of their music and songwriting.

Q. If you could listen to only one album for the rest of your days, which would that be? 

A. That’s a loaded question! There are so many, and my answer could change almost by the hour haha. Right now I would have to say Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World.

Q. What’s next for Thieves & Lovers and where do you hope to be in the next few years? 

We are playing shows pretty frequently and working on recordings. We would love to be on the road pretty much full time in the next few years, as well as release a full length album. Time will tell!
Thieves and Lovers on Facebook

Thieves and Lovers on Instagram

Thieves and Lovers on Twitter

Interview and Feature by Liam Stirzaker.


Hightower – Track Review & Interview

Parisian punk rock band Hightower is made up of Atilla(Vocals), Alexis(Bass), Benjamin(Guitar), Jérémie(Guitar) and Romain(Drums). Their latest releases ‘The Party’ and ‘Tournesol’ have filled me with great excitement for the release of their new album ‘Club Dragon’ (Released September). After their debut album Sure.Fine.Whatever (Released 2014) was a great success they returned to the studio with Steve Evetts (Real Friends, Sick Of It All, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime) who also recorded and produced their debut.


So these first two tracks to be released off the upcoming album have left a lot of promise that Club Dragon could be a real contender for one of the top albums of 2017. The Party perfectly shows off exactly what Hightower are all about. Its Punk Rock with that awesome emotionally-driven emo edge that gives off those reminiscent feelings of some old Taking Back Sunday tracks. Check it out below!


The second song released from upcoming album Club Dragon is Tournesol another track that highlights Hightower’s abilities to write amazing Punk tracks. This one is a bit more high tempo and beautifully thrashy in that perfect way Punk music should be. It has everything I love in a song, top notch vocals, those catchy hooks, a beautiful breakdown and I can’t help but admire the awesome drum work on this track. check it out below.


Club Dragon will be released in September through KROD Records, JOE COOL Records & FAR CHANNEL Records.


I caught up with the Hightower guys in the following interview.

Q: What Genre of rock would you guys place your music into? And who are your biggest influences?

A: I would say punk rock but for sure, Attila would say we’re a pop/punk band. Biggest influences for Hightower would be bands such as Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Osker, Crackout, Hell Is For Heroes.

 Q: How long have you guys been making music together? Tell us about your song writing process.

 A: First rehearsal was in 2012 and first album came out in late 2014. The song writing process is simple; Jeremie is the music headmaster. He usually comes to the practice with riff and structure then we re work the structure and it’s done. Benjamin brought one song on this album.


Q: We’re totally in love with ‘The Party’ and ‘Tournesol’ over here at noiseflashmusic, Tell us more about your upcoming album ‘Club Dragon’.

 A: Thank you for the kind words guys ! For sure “Club Dragon” has fast classic punk rock songs but also contains some 2000’s era elements and yes, we wrote a “slow rock” song ! This record is also produced, recorded and mixed by Steve Evetts in Los Angeles.

 Q: How has your music changed/evolved since you started making music together?

 A: I think the main change in our music is the voice since Attila joined the band. We’re way more melodic now.

 Q:What’s the ultimate direction for Hightower? Where would you like to see yourselves in the next few years ?

 A: We’ll still be there writing songs, music is our passion !


Written by Liam Stirzaker