New Tracks You Need To Hear Now! 

Acadia – Dryspell

Acadia debuted their new single Dryspell taken from their new 6 track EP All Heart. 

Capsize – Cold Shoulder

Post Hardcore band Capsize released a one off single and it is a huge hit!

Turnover – Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)

Turnover released another new track off their upcoming album Good Nature and its another stunningly beautiful track. 

Previous Love – Caffeine

Previous Love released their debut self titled EP, and its a corker! We featured them in our latest feature! check it out here!!

Racquet Club – Head Full Of Bees

Taken from their upcoming album released on the 29th September!

Witterquick – Shattered Suns

Taken from the upcoming EP Fire & Ice out October 6th, so stoked for this one.

The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment

Title track from their long awaited, amazing debut album, UK indie artists The Sherlocks are increasing in popularity every day and I can see why!


ROAM – Playing Fiction

As well as announcing a new album Pop Punkers ROAM have released this awesome new track!

Written by Liam Stirzaker




Alt-Rock band Previous Love release solid debut self titled EP

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, 4- Piece Alternative Rock band Previous Love have released their staggering debut self titled EP.

Made up of 5 breathtaking tracks that had us hooked from the first listen. The EP was recorded with Jay Zubricky (Every Time I Die, Head North, Pentimento) blending some well crafted ambience with that classic 90s grunge sound.

Drawing their influences from Emo, Post-Hardcore, Shoegaze and melodic Punk genres; Previous Love have thrown them all together to make a very refined piece of music.

Their self titled debut EP focuses on some issues faced by members of the band feeling distant from home in their first years at college, making friends, certainly things we can all relate to. I asked the guys what the story was behind their brilliant new EP.

“We’ve been best friends making music since middle school, and when time for college came along, we put music aside a bit. The record was result of the four of us realizing we can’t go without music together. Despite our singer going to school in Florida, we wrote constantly via group chats, voice memos, etc. and put it all together right when our singer came home from school. We aren’t in this to just be another set of band dudes. We’re making the songs that we want to hear, and hopefully they change peoples’ lives the same way our favorite records have changed ours.”

This is an amazing debut from a band I see having a huge future. There are some huge tracks on this album and the two that really stand out for me are track 2 ‘Pinwheel’ which is a wonderful daydream of a track, the ambience is striking, this could seriously be one of my favourite tracks of 2017 so far. Check it out below!

It’s track 4 ‘Caffeine’ that really shows off the talent of Previous Love and already I’m hooked ‘more than caffeine’ I cant stop listening to it, the crushing guitars, the beautiful lyrics and the song sets a great scene. This song is perfect when you’re in that nostalgic mood, pondering on where your life is headed. Check it out below.

Check them out, Buy the album, and all their social media links are here


Written by Liam Stirzaker

Grumble Bee Interview – ‘Music was the one thing I always felt naturally interested in, whatever my mood’

Here at Noise Flash Music we are in love with the music that British Alternative solo project Grumble Bee is gracing the world with, the power and beauty that hits you during listening to a Grumble Bee track is something rare.

grumblrumble bee

The solo project is that of Jack Bennett, releasing the EP, ‘Disconnect’ in 2016, Produced by Kris Crummett and all instrumentation, writing and performing by Jack (Impressive right?) . These breath-taking 5 tracks were all it took for me to fall head over heels. It’s an emotionally driven and intoxicating listen and one that should not be missed by anyone.

grumble bee

So far Grumble Bee has released three tracks in 2017 (‘Red’, ‘Heron(Piano Version)’ and ‘Bravest Soul) and has told me that there will be more to come very soon. With some big shows coming up around the UK and his performances promising to be filled with energy this artist is a definite must see.

Grumble Bee gives us the best of both worlds, He can hit it hard and full of energy with the best of them but he can also slow it down and make it beautiful and soothing in those stripped back piano versions. If you like it soulful yet tranquil, if you like it addictive and catchy, Grumble Bee has it all. From ballads to hard hitters he’ll knock you off your feet. If you haven’t checked it out yet please do, you will thank me for the recommendation I can promise you that.

It was an honour to catch up with one of my favourite artists around in the following interview.

Q:What brought you into the music world? Has it always been your ambition?
A: My parents gave me the opportunity from a young age, to try out a bunch of different instruments, and I guess I just found a passion for it since really early on. I’ve had the chance to do a bunch of different things too, but music was the one thing I always felt naturally interested in, whatever my mood.
Q: Tell us more about your latest single ‘Bravest Soul’
A: This song is one of the more, “straight to the point” type of songs, which I don’t massively tend to do! ‘Bravest Soul’ is pretty much about a break-up in a relationship, and it was really easy to write – in fact I probably wrote the majority of the verse/chorus & all of the lyrics in the same night because of the situation I was in! Sometimes songs come about that way, built off a passion for something, but a lot of the time for me personally – songs are based around what I think are interesting melodies/rhythms.
Q: What would you say is your favourite song to perform for your fans?
A: Recently it’s been ‘Francium’, (Piano Version) at some of my acoustic shows, it just really started to get ridiculous – to the point where I’d stop singing and just listen to them singing bits. It’s unreal!
Q: Who’s Grumble Bee listening to right now?
A: Right now, I’ve been over-playing “Stuck in my throat” by Reuben, some new tracks from Allen Stone & some City & Colour for acoustic guitar references, while I’m working on my acoustic recordings.
Q: After touring with some great bands (Emarosa just to name one!) and playing some awesome festivals, What would you say has been the highlight of your music career so far?
A: I’ve had a great opportunity to play alongside some of my favourite bands, both full band & acoustically – but over the last year, the big change that’s probably struck me the most, is the fact that people seem to be able sing back a bunch of my songs live now. It started most noticeably at 2000 Trees festival last year, when I started to realise a bunch of people were into the songs so much they’d sing back every word. I can just remember looking at people to see what they were singing, because I have a tendency to just sing slightly different melodies and vocal phrasing live – which I personally love – but it was crazy trying to keep exactly to the original vocals, after watching people sing along ha!#
Q: What’s next for Grumble Bee? How long until we hear more?
A: I’m working on releasing another acoustic version of an older song in the next few weeks or so, completely different to the original – and then follow that up with a new full band track a few weeks after that.
I’m opening 2000 Trees Festival in 4 weeks time and I’m doing my first acoustic headline show at St Pancras Old Church in London on 27th July – with about 5 tickets left today I believe, so I’m really looking forward to that, and then immediately after it’s Y Not Festival & Fat Lip in Bristol. The plan is to release a double-vinyl this year, with full band tracks on one side and acoustic on the other side – with the intention of releasing my debut album later next year.
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