Cures And Curses’ ‘Lost Out’ Is One You Can’t Miss Today

Cures and Curses’ killer new single ‘Lost Out’ is a beat heavy, atmospheric listening delight. The alternative rock duo made up of Aaron Akpojaro and David Blackburne are based in Liverpool, UK. ‘Lost Out’ has that emotionally driven sound that we are always drawn to, the lyrics are full of sentiment, the heart-stopping choruses are beautifully balanced out by those moody and moving verses, this seems like a rock duo that can (and will) provide more and more great tracks in the coming months.

Cures and Curses’ EP is set for release mid 2018 with no official release date as of yet. This track ‘Lost Out’ is the follow up to their debut track ‘Fall Apart, Crash Together’ which you can check out Here

I think after listening to these first couple of tracks by Cures and Curses anyone who is interested in the type of music we rave about over here at NoiseFlash will be eagerly awaiting another release from the guys, very impressive stuff. These guys really are one to watch in 2018, stoked for what’s next.


Check Out Some Of Our Favourite EP’s Of 2017

So we’ve been doing our countdown of our top 50 LP’s of The year over on instagram and I think it’s time we got down (in no particular order) to some of our favourite EP’s of the year! Take a look! There’s a track off each EP to have a listen to! Enjoy!!

Gardenside – Gardenside

Previous Love – Previous Love

Coast To Coast – The Length Of A Smile

Rival Town – Make It Work

Witterquick – Fire & Ice

You Vs Yesterday – How’s This For Honesty

Bellevue Days – Rosehill

American Arson – Waymaker

Balance and Composure – Slow Heart

Acres – Smoke and Decay

Lil Peep – Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 1

Farewell in Vegas – Serenades

7 Minutes In Heaven – Symmetry

Life Lessons – Best When In Motion

Low Tides – i need silence to sleep well

Rio Wiley – Less Low (U Better Listen not taken from this EP)

Senses Fail – In Your Absence

A Better Hand – The Longest Drive

Boston Manor Drop New Video For ‘Drowned In Gold’

After releasing one of the best albums of 2016 Boston Manor are back with new music, their new track ‘Drowned In Gold’ premiered on Daniel P. Carter’s Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 last night! The new video sees the Blackpool lads showing us what they do best, playing us the track in a nice simple video that still manages to strike a lot of emotion.

Boston Manor have already made their own sound and style and the new track is as Boston-Manor-y as it could possibly be, we love that their sound hasn’t changed too much since ‘Be Nothing’ there’s still that beautiful angst, that classic breakdown leading up to that explosive ending with screams of ‘Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun’, amazing track and I for one can not wait for the up coming LP, check it out and read the lyrics below.

Drowned In Gold” Lyrics

Choose love, choose tears, choose burning everything that you are near.

Choose hate, choose hypocrites who whisper in your ear. Choose faith, choose a loaded gun inside your pillowcase. Choose sex, choose something just for choosing something’s sake.

Well maybe you deserve better, cause the blues are forever. For the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers; it keeps getting harder, keeps getting harder to live.

Choose friends, choose scum, choose to stick around for all the years to come. Choose wealth, choose all the awful things that you have done. Choose Death, regret everything you wish that you had said. Choose trust, choose clinging on just because you must.

Well maybe you deserve better, cause the blues are forever. For the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers; it keeps getting harder, keeps getting harder to live.

Get yours, I got mine.

No second chances, don’t you act surprised.

This time, I’m bullet proof you won’t take me alive.

Well maybe you deserve better, cause the blues are forever. For the sons and the daughters, mothers and fathers; it keeps getting harder, keeps getting harder to live.

Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun (x4)

Check Out Architects Video For Their Powerful New Track ‘Doomsday’

English Metalcore band Architects have released their new video and track ‘Doomsday’ to the world today! It’s so good to see the guys back in action releasing some new music! The single is the first bit of material they have released since the tragic passing of founding member, lead guitarist and primary  songwriter Tom Searle last year. It’s great to see Architects back with that beautiful Metalcore sound we’ve come to love over the years, it’s choppy guitar rhythms, epic light and shade of heavy and melodic beauty, still going so strong and definitely doing Tom proud with this amazing new track Doomsday! Check it out below!

Indie Rock Band Ledges Drop Ethereal Debut Album ‘Homecoming’

Ohio based Indie-Rock band Ledges have released their debut album Homecoming today and it’s got me feeling all sentimental.

The stunning eleven track LP is beautifully honest, it’s full of those special epic moments that make us feel like we’re in a movie scene. This really feels like a special album, and the start of something awesome for Ledges! It’s an album that you can immediately connect with and fully relate to, it’s emotionally open and simply an amazing debut. With every track you can hear the amount of love and attention that has been poured into this album, it really shows. All in all it’s one that’s going to be in my recently played for the rest of year no doubt. Well done to Ledges, incredible debut.

You can listen to the album below! Please feel free to let us know what you think of the album in the comments! 

New Tracks You Need To Hear Now! 

Acadia – Dryspell

Acadia debuted their new single Dryspell taken from their new 6 track EP All Heart. 

Capsize – Cold Shoulder

Post Hardcore band Capsize released a one off single and it is a huge hit!

Turnover – Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)

Turnover released another new track off their upcoming album Good Nature and its another stunningly beautiful track. 

Previous Love – Caffeine

Previous Love released their debut self titled EP, and its a corker! We featured them in our latest feature! check it out here!!

Racquet Club – Head Full Of Bees

Taken from their upcoming album released on the 29th September!

Witterquick – Shattered Suns

Taken from the upcoming EP Fire & Ice out October 6th, so stoked for this one.

The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment

Title track from their long awaited, amazing debut album, UK indie artists The Sherlocks are increasing in popularity every day and I can see why!


ROAM – Playing Fiction

As well as announcing a new album Pop Punkers ROAM have released this awesome new track!

Written by Liam Stirzaker



Alt-Rock band Previous Love release solid debut self titled EP

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, 4- Piece Alternative Rock band Previous Love have released their staggering debut self titled EP.

Made up of 5 breathtaking tracks that had us hooked from the first listen. The EP was recorded with Jay Zubricky (Every Time I Die, Head North, Pentimento) blending some well crafted ambience with that classic 90s grunge sound.

Drawing their influences from Emo, Post-Hardcore, Shoegaze and melodic Punk genres; Previous Love have thrown them all together to make a very refined piece of music.

Their self titled debut EP focuses on some issues faced by members of the band feeling distant from home in their first years at college, making friends, certainly things we can all relate to. I asked the guys what the story was behind their brilliant new EP.

“We’ve been best friends making music since middle school, and when time for college came along, we put music aside a bit. The record was result of the four of us realizing we can’t go without music together. Despite our singer going to school in Florida, we wrote constantly via group chats, voice memos, etc. and put it all together right when our singer came home from school. We aren’t in this to just be another set of band dudes. We’re making the songs that we want to hear, and hopefully they change peoples’ lives the same way our favorite records have changed ours.”

This is an amazing debut from a band I see having a huge future. There are some huge tracks on this album and the two that really stand out for me are track 2 ‘Pinwheel’ which is a wonderful daydream of a track, the ambience is striking, this could seriously be one of my favourite tracks of 2017 so far. Check it out below!

It’s track 4 ‘Caffeine’ that really shows off the talent of Previous Love and already I’m hooked ‘more than caffeine’ I cant stop listening to it, the crushing guitars, the beautiful lyrics and the song sets a great scene. This song is perfect when you’re in that nostalgic mood, pondering on where your life is headed. Check it out below.

Check them out, Buy the album, and all their social media links are here


Written by Liam Stirzaker