Bare Teeth – First The Town, Then The World



After their demo did so well French Punk Rockers ‘Bare Teeth’ have gone all out on their latest release ‘First The Town, Then The World’. Made up of 7 fast paced infectious tracks, and one gripping acoustic performance, this Contagious new EP will be appreciated by even the hardest Punk Rock fans!

Check out ‘Parted Ways’ off the ‘First The Town, Then The World’ Below.

This being my first exposure to ‘Bare Teeth’ the quality of the EP and every track had me really surprised. With stand out passionate vocals, energetic thrashy punk versus, melodic guitars and thumping drums this EP has a universal appeal that has the power to resonate with anyone.

This EP is full of tight tracks, solid songs that can only mean a great future for ‘Bare Teeth’. Its provides enjoyable listening from start to finish. You definitely need to check it out. All links to social media are at the bottom of this page, give these guys a follow or a like and listen to their music, they rock!

I caught up with Greg (Guitar/Vocals), Titouan (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Jerome (Drums) and Tom (Bass/Backing Vocals) in my latest interview!


Q : For anyone who isn’t familiar with Bare Teeth how would you describe your sound?

A: Well, basically, we are a punk/rock band but we don’t like to put labels on our music. We sometimes make fun about this and say we are a thrash/pop band. That said, we try to put many influences in our music, from pop melodies to hardcore or metal-influenced guitar riffs, as well as 90’s punk/rock.


Q: Who are your influences, and which bands are you digging right now?

A: We all grew up listening to 90’s punk/rock stuff, so there are some big fans of NOFX, Lagwagon, Strung Out or Blink 182 in the band. We also love bands like A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi, that put the kind of music they play to a way higher level.

Each band member listens to very different stuff : hip hop, electro, rocksteady, metal, … I can’t tell which bands my bandmates are digging now, but I am now listening to the last 7Years (Italy) and waterweed (Japan) albums. These guys are really good !


Q: Tell us a brief history of your band.

A: Back in September 2014, Titouan (guitar/vocals) came to Lille for his studies and he only knew one guy, who was a friend. He gave Titouan my phone number, we met and we started to play together. JayJay, my former bass played in Icons Down! eventually joined and after several drummer issues, Jérôme joined too. He was also about to join Icons Down!, but we disbanded before he could play any show with this band.

We played a bunch of gigs, and JayJay left the band in March 2016. Tom eventually joined on September 2016. Soon after, we played some more local shows and we did some short tours across Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Touring and playing shows is very important to us.


Q: Tell us more about the awesome new release ‘First the town, Then the world’

A: Almost all the songs were already written before Bare Teeth was born, but it took quite a long time to improve them. We started the recordings in March 2016 but we got the final masters one year later. We had several schedule issues and, as our record was mixed by Trevor Reilly of A Wilhelm Scream, we also had deal with Trevor’s touring schedule.

As Titouan and Tom also write songs on their side, our next record should be a bit different.


Q:  So, What’s next for Bare Teeth?

A: Touring and play as many shows as possible. We are really proud of what we’ve done so far, but we want to push the band always further. We will tour in the UK in July, and Europe in November. Best things to come, haha !