Glassjaw’s ‘Worship and Tribute’ A Personal Reflection, 15 Years On

“Its been 15 years…”
While Hybrid Theory and Revolutions Per Minute were gateway albums helping me and many others branch out the seeds of the musical palette tree , Worship and Tribute made me and also many others want to be in a band.
From track one it was this vibrant beating heart of the absurd and emotional and the whole album is stricken with an instrumental personality disorder.
The blistering pace of “Tip Your Bartender” soon turned to the disturbed slow dance of “Ape Dos Mil”. I had no favourite song and every word was ambiguous and open to interpretation. 
Daryl Palumbo was an idol of my time. He was a cut open Mike Patton bleeding fragile and delicate poetry.
over the past 15 years its been analysed past recognition. anyone inspired by it wanted there band to make their own Worship and Tribute and they still do today. 
I’m no Roger Ebert or Dave Meltzer I’m just another pretentious kid telling you should be listening to Worship and Tribute. 
“When I heard ‘Worship and Tribute’

I thought my dreams come true

Listening to most other bands

It seems they all did too” 
Reuben – Crushed Under The Weight of Enormous Bullshit


The Best Of Pop Goes Punk!

The ‘Punk Goes’ series has always given us another awesome way to look at our favourite bands and artists. The first of the 6 current Punk Goes Pop albums was released 15 years ago this year. Filled with some huge artists from way back when including Yellowcard 😦 (Miss them already), The Starting Line, Thrice and Further Seems Forever covering the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Branch and N’Sync.


With Punk Goes Pop Vol.7, featuring huge artists like Boston Manor, Dance Gavin Dance, Greyscale and Andy Black, just around the corner here is my list of the 10 best songs Punk Goes Pop has provided us with so far.



Post-Hardcore band Secrets Swapped the Travie McCoy rap for them screaming versus, and it works so brilliantly well. It’s a perfect example of the ‘Punk Goes Pop’ series doing exactly what it intended, making a song that should never work as a post hardcore track work perfectly!


Front woman Lyndsey Gunnulfsen has a huge voice and she totally showed it off in this cover of Sia’s 2014 hit song ‘Chandelier’ on Punk Goes Pop Vol.6 adding that beat heavy rock sound and you’ve got one hell of a cover!


Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ which was recorded as the biggest track 2014 (Released November 2013) just short of 14 Million units across the globe, it was covered amazingly by Palisades. The electronicore, New Jersey lads totally made it their own whilst, I think, still keeping that upbeat and pop feel to it. It’s no small feat covering the biggest selling song of the year!


  ‘J-Lo’ released this song back in 2001 and being only 10 years old back then I say without shame that i probably loved it. Then came the original ‘Punk Goes Pop’ album in 2002 and it was definitely filled with golden moments, this one definitely stands out for me. American Pop Punkers ‘The Starting Line’ put an amazing stamp on it, a fast paced punk version for us to enjoy. Its so incredibly catchy that after one listen its hard to turn it off!


There was no need for American Pop Punk band ‘Knuckle Puck’ (Who originally started out as a cover band!) to change this song too much. it was a huge song when the 1975 released it back in 2013 and ‘Knuckle Puck’ definitely did it justice. It was enough just to hear a cover of ‘Chocolate’ from the guys with that punk edge it sounds fantastic.


What a combination right? The Maine and Taking Back Sunday frontman, rock legend to so many, Adam Lazzara. It all just works so well too. They slow the song right down and make into a ballad that is as beautiful as this song could ever sound. It’s perfect, i’ll say no more, just listen to it if you haven’t already!


Although this song has just been released as a single off the upcoming ‘Punk Goes Pop Vol.7′ (Released 14th July) I’ve hardly stopped playing it. In classic Dance Gavin Dance style Will Swan and the guys give us groovy post hardcore, mix their sound with that hip hop soul of Bruno Mars’ ‘That’s What I Like’ and you get something extremely special. Tilian Pearson’s voice just works spectacularly for this cover and Jon Mess is stand out as always.


This is probably a lot of peoples number one favourite of the ‘Punk Goes Pop’ series and i’d agree that it is an amazing song in its own right and it is done in classic ‘Yellowcard’ style. I played this on repeat hundreds and hundreds of times when I first heard it all them years ago and I still listen to it now. Just like Yellowcard themselves this song will stand the test of time with us huge Punk fans!


Another huge mainstream hit covered on the ‘Punk Goes Pop’ series was Adele’s 2010 smash hit ‘Rolling In The Deep’. Go Radio absolutely belt this one out and though probably one of the more simple songs to cover they went above and beyond to make sure that they did something special with this track. Jason Lancaster’s voice has always been a staple in my life, from Mayday Parade in their earlier years and with Go Radio after that, his voice really is transcendent and for me it makes this song huge! That key change! Perfect!!


For me, this has got to be number one! Where do I even start? Jonny Craig always brings the soul out in every song. The passion we love to hear from him shines as always in that limitless voice. The Neighbourhood’s ‘Sweater Weather’ is a great song anyway but put Jonny Craig on the track and you’ve got, in my opinion, the best song of all the ‘Punk Goes Pop’ albums so far.


So Punk goes pop vol.7 is released on July 14th and I can’t wait to hear what it has to offer. The whole track list has already been announced and you can check that out by clicking here.


Written by Liam Stirzaker






It’s Called Break Up ‘Cause It’s Broken.

We’ve all been there and it sucks, no matter who it is or how it ended it hurts right? Here are some songs to get you through it, or maybe to break down and cry to. Don’t worry, it’s good to let it out. 
1. Mayday Parade – Three Cheers for Five Years
Got to start with mayday parade seeing as though I stole some of their lyrics for the title of this post, although not from this song. On their anniversary edition commentary of tales told by dead friends they describe how it was written about a nasty break up after 5 years, (she cheated, see it happens even to the best of people) a great song and a great acoustic version of it on punk goes acoustic 2 also makes it even more emotional three cheers to mayday parade for this one, thanks guys. 
‘ how does he feel? How does he kiss? How does he taste while he’s on your lips?’
2. A Day To Remember – If It Means A lot To You

A great song all in all, and it tugs on the heart strings all the way through. Building up to that huge emotional ending gets me every time. ADTR nailed it with this one. With sierra kusterbeck providing the second verse giving us a chance to see it from both sides 

‘Is this really happening? I swear I’ll never be happy again. And don’t you dare say we can just be friends.’
3. Anberlin – Breaking

So simple yet so beautifully written and amazingly executed by Anberlin. If someone’s hurt you because someone once hurt them, that certainly is not fair, and Christian and the guys make that perfectly clear! Blast this one out and forget about that loser

 ‘you make breaking hearts look so easy, you’ve got breaking hearts all but down’

4. Paramore – All I Wanted

Hayley Williams screaming ‘all I wanted was you’ at the top of her lungs would certainly be enough to bring me back, Paramore do a break up song excellently. And this one in particular makes you remember there’s always one side hurting more In a break up. 

‘I could follow you to the beginning, just to relive the start, maybe then we’d remember to slow down, at all our favourite parts’ 

5. Taking Back Sunday – You’re so last summer
Adam freaking belts this one out! His voice is always great listening for unleashing some anger. He always makes me feel so comfortably uncomfortable. An amazing song with fantastic lyrics! 
‘The truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I’d apologise for bleeding on your shirt’ 
6. Emarosa – I still feel her part IV
Jonny Craig’s soulful sexy voice is definitely needed after breaking up with that guy/girl who didn’t deserve you. Music is about interpretation of lyrics and making a song relatable to how you feel, whether this is about break up or not, i still feel it. 

‘We’re already gone, Forget, regret about, Mistakes I made. I still feel her.. (Still)’

7.Trophy eyes – Heaven sent
Chemical miracle was definitely one of the best albums of 2016 and I’d argue that to my grave! This song in particular has a lasting impact when you hear the album for the first time. It’s a beautiful piece of art. This song makes it into the list because it’s nice to hear it from the other side. 
‘So stay away from me now that you know what kind of man I can be, breaking hearts is second nature to me, and I’ll step over you just to get what I need’

8. Fatherson – Just Past the Point Of Breaking 
Maybe sometimes there’s a chance to save it, sometimes there’s hope and fatherson told us that yeah sometimes you can get it back 🙂 
‘And we were thinking are we too late, did we miss the boat? Caught me just at the point of breaking, Just past the point of fixing now’
9. Lower than Atlantis – Aint No Friend

A general F you from lower than Atlantis and they do it so well. It’s just like, if you wanna be like that then I’ll leave you to it, have fun without me because I’m gone. 
‘I gotta call it a day because you ain’t no friend of mine, said I’ll leave this place you have your space and time, better off anyway but I should have seen the signs, I hope you know you ain’t no friend of mine’
10. Mallory Knox – when are we waking up?
It was all a dream right?? Mallory Knox smash though this . To me it’s all about when the hell you will both wake up and realise this is dumb and figure it out. 

‘Tainted memories are all I have to live with now you’re gone, And I won’t sleep tonight, No I won’t dream at all about days I’ve spent alone’

11. You me at six – you’ve made your bed (so sleep in it) 

YM@6, another band who do break up songs really well. A ‘Fine, do what you want’ kinda song because no one will put up with your crap like I did, don’t come crawling back to me when it all goes wrong 🙂 and so on. We’ve all had one of them. 

‘You’ve made your bed, so sleep in it, but never call me again. You’ve made your bed, so sleep with him, but know I’m the best you’ll get.’
12. Boys like girls – up against the wall 
Martin says it well ‘who said that it’s better to have loved and lost? I wish that I had never loved at all’ that sentence says it all really. 

13. Between the Trees – Miss You

I can’t even imagine how many songs there have been with the words ‘miss you’ in the title. Blink 182 being the obvious one, but this song stands out for me as a great break up song. Well done to these guys.

‘I wanna stand next to you for a while, I wanna hear you say i miss you more than you even know more than I seem to share and where would I go if ever you weren’t there?’

14. Mayday parade – miserable at best

This one has the power to hurt. It’s just so powerful and will live forever in the memory of people who’ve had their heart broken by a ‘one that got away’ type of evil. Amazing stuff by mayday parade as always.

‘And this’ll be the first time in a week that I’ll talk to you and I can’t speak, it’s been three whole days since I’ve had sleep because I dream of his lips on your cheek, and I got the point that I should leave you alone but we both know that I’m not that strong and I miss the lips that made me fly’

15. The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell

Let’s not end on a sad note, that person probably never deserved you so put this one on loud and shout it out! 
‘And truth be told i miss you, and truth be told I’m lying, when you see my face hope it gives you hell!’
Break ups are crap. But there’s nothing music can’t heal! It’ll make you cry and then 4 minutes later it’ll have you saying ‘you know what, you never deserved me anyway!!’ There’s beauty in the breakdown. 

Thanks for reading.

Favourites Stick Around 

Okay, so I’m going to have to do this in a few parts because there are just so many albums that are and always will be so close to me. Some songs just stick with you forever, some albums never get old. No matter how many years go by whether it’s been 5 or 10 years I still regularly listen to this awesome list of albums that were the soundtrack to many of my summers, winters and have been there for me through so much, here’s a bunch from me that I just never seem to be able to let go of.

Mayday Parade – A Lesson in Romantics. (2007)

Mayday parade have provided us with some absolute belters over the years, but this album in particular has just stuck around for me, I still listen to it on a regular basis. In fact a couple of tracks on this album are even in my top 100 played 2016 on Spotify this year! After nearly 10 years! Still awesome!

Lydia- Illuminate (2008)

An album that always come out to play around autumn time for me and sticks around through winter. It’s haunting and it has so many amazing qualities. I don’t think it’s ever had the appreciation it deserves from the world. One of my all time favourite albums from start to finish.

Boys Like Girls – Boys Like Girls (2006)

Well, I loved this album so much when it came out that I decided to get the album art tattooed on my skin!! It reminds me of fantastic summers camping by the lake in great company and being young and free. Thanks to this album I’ll never forget my teenage years.

You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours (2008)

You me at six’s debut was absolutely fantastic and again I don’t think it got the recognition it deserved. They definitely hit the spot with me though. ‘Jealous minds think alike’ always hit me the hardest it just had something about it, and still does.

Various Artists – Punk Goes Acoustic 2 (2007)

An amazing compilation album, to turn these fantastic punk records into something so beautiful always got me choked up, ‘Three Cheers For Five Years’ was stuck on repeat for a long long time. With All Time Low, The All American Rejects and jacks mannequin also providing absolute beauties!

Fallout Boy – From Under the Cork Tree (2005)

This album changed everything for me, with fallout boy now seen differently in the eyes of most of us, they still provided millions of teenagers with an escape back then, and changed my listening habits massively, they inspired my music taste and made it exactly what it is today, this album is amazing, and no one can make me feel differently about that.

Taking Back Sunday – Live From Orensanz (2010) 

Taking back Sunday can thrash out some absolutely amazing noise, and this album when they stripped back some of their best work really made me see them in a totally different light. The vocal work on this is just mind blowing and fans get to see tracks like makedamnsure turned into something so beautiful, a massive 10/10 for me on this one.

The All American Rejects – Move Along (2005)

Another album that has always given me a sense of freedom and a young and reckless feeling. An album for a summer road trip, or a night making great memories with friends. An album of sentiment and reminiscent feelings. ‘Move along’ is amazing.