Dance Gavin Dance Drop First Track From Artificial Selection!

Woke up over here in the U.K. to the best notification I could have asked for as Rise Records YouTube channel uploaded a new track from Dance Gavin Dance in the early hours of the morning. Midnight Crusade is the first track to be released off their upcoming 9th studio album (Not including their live album Tree City Sessions) Artificial Selection which is due to be released on June 8th keeping that same awesome line up of Will Swan, Tilian Pearson, Jon Mess, Tim Feerick and Matthew Mingus I feel they have really found their members for life over the past few years.

Dance Gavin Dance’s previous album Mothership was our number one album of 2016, their groove and the execution of that album won me over from day one and I’m expecting pretty big things from this next effort. To say I’m stoked for it would be an understatement, after catching them on their latest UK tour I’m even more excited for the album and the guys to come back here again possibly in the winter of 2018, fingers crossed.

So check out the new track below, it’s classic Dance Gavin Dance, Artificial Selection, June 8th, cannot wait!


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