New Track From Can’t Swim Is A Can’t Miss Today!

After the release and great success of their debut album Fail You Again last year, New Jersey based contemporary rockers Can’t Swim are back with another beautiful gritty track titled ‘In Between’.

Its a track that would have fit perfectly into that debut album, the album that easily made its way into our top 50 albums of 2017 with a top 10 spot, and personally for me it was in the top 3 albums most played in my account, so damn addictive! Although Can’t Swim are a relatively new band they have already made their sound so familiar, its a sound that is their own and its a sound that captivates us with every track they release.

Saying that their latest track sounds familiar to their previous material does in no way take away the fact that ‘In Between’ is different, it has for me, more of an edge to it, it feels more polished and it feels like its coming from a band that is ready to drop that daunting sophomore release and do it with ease whilst keeping that ever-growing fan base and adding thousands more as they go. The guys are about to embark on a huge tour across the US with one hell of a line up, Supporting Movements along with Super Whatevr and Gleemer. That tour definitely needs to hit the UK!

Enough chit chat listen to the track below, its one of my favourites of 2018 so far and its another amazing release from Can’t Swim

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