Acadia’s Aptly Named New EP ‘All Heart’ Review

Where do I start with Acadia’s new EP? These guys have grown massively since their previous release, which in itself was a fantastic record. But this time they’ve outdone themselves with the outstandingly heart breaking new EP ‘All Heart’. Hailing from Portland, Maine Acadia have proved with this record that they have the ability to stand up with the big guns.

Not only is the new EP structurally fantastic, its heavy on the heart lyrically, which is always a real winner for me. If you’re looking to really feel something and you want raw, honest lyrics that will definitely move you then you really will find that and so much more in All Heart.  Into this record Acadia have clearly poured every ounce of passion, it explodes with love, with sentiment and epic feeling from a band who are sure to go on to amazing things

Its the vocals that really pulled me under, which in my opinion are simply transcending, at times they cut deep with a growl and a gravelly tone and other times they are taking you to far away places with out of worldly high notes, partner these vocals with the sincerity in the lyrics and I am won over and I promise you will be too. The EP keeps us interested all the way through with never a dull moment from the guys. The record drops on 2/2 and these guys are a huge one to watch this year.

in the meantime check out the lead single taken straight from All Heart ‘Dryspell’ is one hell of a track. Have a listen and be sure to check out the EP when it drops on Friday!


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