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Check out the heart felt new track ‘Forever’ from Percival Elliot

Hailing from the south coast of England Percival Elliot are an indie-folk rock duo made up of Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier. Their music boasts a beautiful soundscape that seems to place a nostalgic and soothing feeling upon the listener. With their highly anticipated new record Save Your Soul set for release early this year and sold out shows around the UK already under their belt, Percival Elliot are one to watch in 2018.

Their latest release Forever hugely impressed me upon first listen, it may not be as in your face as a lot of the music reviewed or talked about over here at NoiseFlash but it grabbed my attention for different reasons. It grabbed my attention for its captivating beauty and an incredible softness which seems to provoke a million different emotions all at once.

Forever is the first single to be released off the upcoming album Save Your Soul. The track centres around eternal love, Hite stated ‘Forever is about a chance meeting with someone. Sparks and butterflies, even if its just for a second, that feeling can last forever’. This is a feeling we can all relate to, and the song brings all them emotions to the surface.

One of the most wonderful things I noticed about this track was the layering of the song, with string quartets, spine tingling vocal harmonies and piano melodies that make the hairs on your arms stand up. These guys deserve a few minutes of your time to check out the new single, after one listen you’ll be searching for more tracks, promise you that.  You can check the track out for yourself below and go give the guys a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter through the links provided.




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