Check Out The New Moose Blood Video Here!

In a smoke filled room we find our guys playing out their new single on the new video, Moose Blood have come a very long way in the last few years and it’s not hard to see why, their sound is incredible, their lyrics are honest, down to earth and so damn relatable. The new track ‘Talk In Your Sleep’ follows that same pattern, giving us all new Moose Blood in the same amazing way.

Moose Blood have always lay all their cards on the table and worn their heart on their sleeve, this is what I love so much about them. The gut wrenching vocal performances always compel me to pay such close attention to their lyrics. ‘Talk In Your Sleep’ is delivered so fantastically that it’ll be hard for anyone to bad mouth it, I love it and here it is below along with the lyrics for you to enjoy, which I’m 100% sure you will.

You can catch them on tour around the UK in Early March with The Dangerous Summer. They hit the US in late March all the way through until April with Lydia and McCafferty. (Full tour info below the video). I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore will be out March 9th on Hopeless Records and already I can see it as a 2018 album of the year contender! Check it out!!

Packing up your things again

And I thought we were past this

I don’t need reminding

Of something I can’t forget

I’m real sorry to my mother

Cause I know how much you loved her

This could’ve been so different

It’s just too hard to move on from yet

And I’d give up everything

For a moment of your time

I’d give up everything

No one ever took my eyes off you girl

And I wish that you could stay

I guess I’m always waiting for you

To come back and call my name

Like we both still felt the same

I’m miserable

And I don’t want you to know

I’ve still got your picture in my wallet

I want you to know I’ve still got it

I can’t seem to take it out

As much as I want to lose it now

I miss hearing you talk in your sleep

The sight of blood it makes you weak

And the way you look at me over your phone

And your scent all through my home

I close my eyes

You’re all I see

You’re all I hear

You’re all I need

And you don’t leave

Like the smoke in my lungs

I can’t sleep

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