We Spoke To Farewell In Vegas About Their Latest EP ‘Serenades’

If you’re a Post-Hardcore fan and you haven’t already heard of Farewell In Vegas then you’re missing out on one of the top EP’s in your favourite genre this year.

Farewell In Vegas are a French Post-Hardcore outfit consisting of Jia Dabright (vocals), Theo Brasseur (Bass-Guitar), Francois Blanckaert and Arnaud Lefebvre (Drums).

Their latest EP  “セレナーデ (Serenades)” dropped last month and it’s something you need on your latest playlist. They exude confidence throughout the entire EP, each track is sincere and comes straight from the heart. There seems to be a track on this album for every fan of the rock genres, Their blend of Post-Hardcore, abrasive nu-metal and metalcore is all our favourite elements thrown into one. If you’re looking for nice face-melting licks, they’re here. If you’re looking for something to bang your head to, its on this record, if you’re looking for emotion and melody, you guessed it, its on this EP. Its a fantastic listen from start to finish and I highly recommend checking it out.

I caught up with the guys in the following interview.

Q: The new EP is extremely emotional in the most beautifully aggressive way. Is there a deep meaning behind this release, if so, can you tell us more about it?

(Jia) We formerly were in a metal band, so I guess there still be a little bit of “metal music” in this record. Anyway, we simply made something we like and that we’d like to play in concerts when we composed it. For the lyrics, it’s a bit different. Even in my former project, I always talked about love in different forms. Falling in love, falling apart… You know it’s not always that easy for everyone (us included) so I wanted to talk about love, because when it comes to compose it’s all about what I feel like expressing. Love is the most important thing in this world, this is what could save us all.

(Théo) Our music is a translation of our feelings.

Q: Your track “Bulma” seems to have grabbed a lot of attention over YouTube and social media, how much does this mean to you?

(Jia) A lot! Because Bulma is by far our favourite one! So I guess everyone in the band is happy that it got that much of attention. Moreover, we filmed a music video for it so… It’s perfect!

(Théo) Bulma is our favourite song on this EP. We really wanted to make something great about the music video and we expected a big attention on it. Thank you all!

Q: Where do you want to take this band? Where do Farewell in Vegas aspire to be in the next few years?

(Jia) In the next few years? Playing on the biggest stages on earth. Nothing more, nothing less. Partying all over the world with people in concert…

(Theo) On the Top Charts! (ahahah)

Travel the world and share our music, our uiverse. That’s all we want.

(Arnaud) We have ambition for this project, we want to go as far as possible

Q: Which track off the upcoming EP means the most to you guys, which song should we get most excited about hearing?

(Jia) Each song from this EP has its own atmosphere so, just find the one which talks to you the most!

(Théo) Bulma is my favourite track on this EP, maybe the vibes, each song has its athmosphere, Jia said it !

Q: What have Farewell in Vegas learned from making this record?

(Jia) As a musician, I found the perfect bandmates. I mean, people that I can hang with, play music and talking during hours. It’s really important for me to feel free to be who I am in a band and be able to express myself the way I want to do it. In the beginning, Theo and I, had difficulty in finding members, but now, I guess we’re all set and that’s the more important according to me.

Review and Interview by Liam Stirzaker

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