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Sleep On It – Overexposed Review

Overexposed is the debut album release from Sleep On It since signing with Equal Vision Records. From Chicago, Illinois, Zech Pluister, TJ Horansky, Jake Marquis, AJ Khah and Luka Fischman possess a bold, clean sound that will become an immediate favourite to any who give their album a listen. Pluister’s vocals are amazing – smooth, easy-on-the-ears and all-round goose-bump inducing. Horansky, Marquis and Khah provide riffs and rhythms that meet every expectation, and then supersede them. And Fischman; he makes me regret choosing to study the guitar over drumming. Put these artists together, and you have one of the most impressive debut releases of 2017 – in fact, one of the most impressive to date.

Whilst typically defined as belonging to the pop-punk genre, Overexposed blurs the boundaries between pop-punk and alternative; challenging the expectations of long-time lovers of those genres and undoubtedly winning their hearts. ‘A New Way Home’ is the opening track; whilst the lyrics indicate a desperate search for greener pastures, the upbeat vocals and powerful music offers hope rather than dismay. Refreshingly, this seems to be the trend for this album. With lyrics like ‘breathe it in and take it slow … the time for quiet desperation is over’, it’s impressive to see that Sleep On It encourage the mindset their name cries out for. I love when artists use their platform to spread positivity, and this quintet does that so successfully that you can’t help but smile and feel uplifted throughout the entirety of this album.

I have shamelessly listened to this album on repeat since it came upon my radar, and I don’t think I’ll be switching it off anytime soon. I highly recommend Overexposed to any and all music lovers; whether you’re into alternative, pop-punk, post-hardcore or post-grunge, Sleep On It are a definite contender in the music scene this year. I guarantee there will be sell-out tours and chart-topping releases in their near future.

Review by Ellie Fielding-Redpath

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