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We Spoke To The Faceplants About Their New Single ‘Who I Am Inside’

Vancouver based rock band The Faceplants latest single ‘Who I Am Inside’ is today’s Track Of The Day. This huge, powerful anthem demands attention right from the get go. The emotional yet assertive sound really made our ears prick up over here at NoiseFlash. 

It’s a track that you simply can’t let slip through your fingers in 2017. I spoke to the guys about their latest single. You can watch the official music video underneath!

I remember the first time Daniel played “Who I Am Inside” for me on the guitar. It was a big turning point for our band and it was the first song that everyone in the band was super drawn to lyrically. 

Who I Am Inside talks about being honest with who you are and realizing that sometimes things aren’t always okay. Everyday people struggle with themselves internally and try to hide it. This was a record about coming clean and saying “Hey, everything isn’t always great or perfect ,but thats life”. 
Just like 90 percent of our songs we always start off with a really detailed demo. We’re a super hands on band that really likes to be as creative as we can with our songs & production. 
As soon as the demo’s done and everyone has put their two cents into the song, thats when we show our producer “Ben Kaplan” the track and started recording the final version. We use the demo as a template then pretty much start replacing the stuff that we want to change. 
We got some really exciting things coming up including a new single, new merch line and dropping a record early next year. Next year is set to be the busiest year for the band and were going to be on the road and play as many shows as we can! Make sure to check us out at and follow us on twitter, Instagram and Facebook everything is @thefaceplants 
Thanks Noise Flash for having us as the “Track Of The Day” !!

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