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A Better Hand, “The Longest Drive” EP Review

A Better Hand, “The Longest Drive” (EP) 2017 

2017 has seen some of the greatest new releases in pop-punk, from New Found Glory’s Make Me Sick to Mayday Parade’s A Lesson in Romantics 10 Year Anniversary Edition and Knuckle Puck’s hugely popular Shapeshifter. And whilst such releases from these big-name bands raked in millions of listeners, it seems some spectacular talent slipped under the radar.

The highly-underrated and highly-talented A Better Hand is just one of these bands. Fresh on the scene in 2015, Zack Rettke, Brandon Wortham, Kyle Pfluger, Taylor Allen and Kyle Kriegshauser have returned with the release of their second EP, The Longest Drive (March 2017). And it’s safe to say, this pop-punk quintet rivals the very best.

To those of us who reminisce on the good-old Fat Lip days, A Better Hand are sure to become a quick favourite. Their catchy guitar riffs and upbeat vocals embody what it means to be pop-punk. Yet, this band is so much more – perfectly blending melodic sounds with some impressively meaty drum tracks, they bring a refreshingly energetic vibe to a genre that’s been around for years.

The Longest Drive definitely meets un-put-downable standards. ‘Never Coming Home’ starts us off strong, encouraging listeners to foot-tap and sing along to the uplifting song about finding freedom and letting go. ‘Coffee Plz’ swiftly follows suit, keeping up with the energetic vibe. It’s ‘Rounding Third’ where the edginess truly sets in. With powerful drumming and even louder guitar riffs, the third track on the EP introduces the melodic side to A Better Hand and truly gives us a taste of what is to come from this impressive band. ‘Great Kid, Don’t Get Cocky’ takes listeners one step further. Hitting us with a post-hardcore double-bass drum beat and short, guttural bursts from Rettke, even the grungier of post-punk fans will be satisfied. ‘So Long Goodbye’ provides listeners with a cracking end to this EP, evidencing the brilliant blend of post-hardcore and post-punk which make A Better Hand such a brilliant group.

On the whole, The Longest Drive is a must-have and just goes to show that A Better Hand is a group to watch out for!

Written By Ellie Fielding-Redpath

Check out their video for ‘Rounding Third’ below

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