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Alazka Drop Flawless Debut Album

It’s the one I’ve been waiting for all year, German melodic hardcore band Alazka have dropped their debut record Phoenix and its everything I hoped it would be, and more.

As you listen to this album for the first time you know that this is one of the biggest albums of the year in our scene. Since ditching their old name Burning Down Alaska and reforming as Alazka in early 2017. They also added Kassim Auale as their clean vocalist last year which has definitely taken them to a whole new level, their fan base has grown in huge numbers and it’s opened up a world of possibility for this incredibly talented band.

Tobias Rische’s grounding screams do the job of keeping Alazka firmly in the hardcore scene and keeps them close enough to their roots. It’s earth shatteringly heavy in parts and it’s Auale who takes us high above the clouds into the atmosphere with his breathtaking melodic vocals.

Auale’s soulful and effortless vocals give this album and the listener the most stunningly beautiful out of world experience giving us goosebumps from track one and throughout this entire piece of music. 

There has been some amazing albums this year and it’ll be tough to chose an album of the year but I must say this is definitely up there with the best of the 2017. Alazka are already making huge waves in the scene and their popularity can only grow after the release of this album.

Huge album, huge talent and the most promising future for this incredible group of musicians. A huge 10/10 from NoiseFlashMusic.

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