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New Tracks & This Week’s News!

Brand New Dropped ‘Science Fiction’


Firstly let’s talk about this new Brand New album! Science Fiction was dropped out of nowhere this week, massive surprise to me, first album since Daisy back in 2009 and wow, its really exceeded my expectations of what I thought it would be when I heard it had been suddenly released. They seemed like a band that were finished, releasing old demoes and teasing a new album for a long time. This album was very highly anticipated and for a very long time, they have such a huge fan base that this album had to be perfect, and it really is amazing. Its pretty haunting and it made them hairs stand up on the back of my neck, It feels so complete and so refined like they have been perfecting it all this time and if you haven’t heard it yet, then you are in for a treat.

Tom Delonge announced there will be a new Angels and Airwaves album!

So there’s some new Angels and Airwaves coming our way. We haven’t heard from them in a few years so it will be really exciting to hear how their sound has evolved since. I’m guessing a mid-late 2018 release date but I could be wrong, its coming though and that’s what matters.

The Maine drop the video for Taxi from Lovely Little Lonely

The Elation dropped an awesome new feel good song Feels Like a Good Reason to Get Started all proceeds made going to ‘Cork Gay Project’. Great bunch of lads and a song that will have you up and dancing from the first five seconds, check it out.

Deaf Havana have released an amazing new track Sickago. Having been a fan of Deaf Havana for so long this track is right up there with some of the best ones they’ve released, the Norfolk based rockers have been around for quite some time and they are finally getting the recognition and doing really well off the back of their latest LP All These Countless Nights. You need to check it out below!

These two tours over in the states have had us begging for a plane ticket over the past week! First Have Mercy announced a huge tour with Cant Swim, A Will Away and our favourite band to come from just down the road Boston Manor!

A couple of days later Emarosa started getting rather cryptic posting a date and time on their Instagram page, personally I thought it might have been the release of 131 Reimagined (When??!) but it turned out to be the announcement of what sounds like its going to be an amazing tour across the states with Jule Vera and A lot Like Birds. That’s going to be massive!

Sheffield based Indie Rock band The Sherlock’s released their long awaited debut album Live For The Moment and it is a seriously amazing debut. It’s incredibly infectious and after one listen you’ll be singing it in the shower without even knowing you’re doing it. Listen below, you’ll love it!



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