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I Talked To Thieves and Lovers About Their New Single ‘The Long Goodnight’

If it’s one of those lazy summer days where you need that perfect chilled track to help you unwind, Thieves and Lovers’ latest single ‘The Long Goodnight’ is the perfect choice. With flowing guitars and dreamy soundscape, it’s sleek, attractive and very pleasing on the ears. The thing that really gets me is the warm and gentle beauty of Stoner’s vocals, they really attached me to this track.

There are some clear influences on this track like Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters but hearing these influences woven in takes nothing away from the originality of ‘The Long Goodnight’. If you are a fan of any of these two bands you’ll love Thieves and Lovers, Just like we do at Noiseflashmusic. Check out the single below.

I caught up with Brandon Stoner (Guitar/Vocals) from the band in the following interview.

Q. Your new single ‘The Long Goodnight’ is out now, what inspired this song?

A. The song is about having to accept where life takes you. I (Stoner) was living in LA for almost a decade and the bottom just dropped out. I didn’t want to leave, but I also knew I had no choice. It was definitely written from a jaded point-of-view.

Q. How have your shows been going lately? What’s the one band/artist you dream of touring with? 

A. Shows have been really great! They keep getting better. We’re lucky to be based out of a city that is really supportive of the arts (Pittsburgh, PA). We would love to tour with the Gaslight Anthem. We’re all huge fans of their music and songwriting.

Q. If you could listen to only one album for the rest of your days, which would that be? 

A. That’s a loaded question! There are so many, and my answer could change almost by the hour haha. Right now I would have to say Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World.

Q. What’s next for Thieves & Lovers and where do you hope to be in the next few years? 

We are playing shows pretty frequently and working on recordings. We would love to be on the road pretty much full time in the next few years, as well as release a full length album. Time will tell!
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Interview and Feature by Liam Stirzaker.


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