Watch The New Don Broco Video ‘Technology’

We’re all pretty addicted to our mobile phones and social media right? I know I’m guilty of it, I find it hard to get through a full day without scrolling through Instagram or opening them Snapchat stories. Don Broco’s new video for their current single ‘Technology’ touches heavily on that addiction and how its taken over modern society and that no matter what is going on around us we need our mobile phones to hand at all times!

In the new video we see through the eyes of someone who is glued to their phone during an alien invasion whilst people around take selfies with aliens before getting blown to smithereens. I think its a great video and something that makes a great statement and at the same time its really entertaining and thrilling video. Frontman Rob Damiani said about the video “Technology is about a casual swipe through Instagram that ended up in me unfollowing a load of mates. In reality my friends are not vain, self obsessed, PDA loving show-offs so I’m blaming social media and the habitual nature of sharing every waking moment of your life online”

Also there is going to be a video game to accompany the video! Looking forward to checking that out, Damiani added “We’re all addicted to our phones, so for the video we thought it would be fun to see if an alien invasion was enough for us to put the phones down for a minute… turns out it’s not. In the video game you get to fight off the alien army as each band member and I shoot microphones out my hands which is pretty awesome.”

Don Broco have also announced that State Champs and Counterfeit will be joining them at their huge show at Alexandra Palace on November 11th

Watch the video below, the lyrics are underneath if you want to check them out too!

dont talk about money
cos money talks
dont take a picture hourly
I seen em all
I’ll be your friend I’ll help you out
i’ll be your friend but i cant stand you now
dont wanna see kissing
dont wanna see puppy love
dont wanna see waking up in each others arms
i told my friends to cut it out
i once had friends
but i cant stand them now

non-stop 24/7
I know you’re not the only one messing
ahhhh quit messing around
all you lovers been messing around
Ooooh now brother
Tidy that shit up
ahhhh quit messing around
all my brothers been messing around

toned, flat tummy
got a new hobby
ooooooo worked hard on it
so check out so check out this body
i had a friend now he works out
i had a friend cant put his camera down

take it back back –
turn back the technology
take it back back
back in time to when i didn’t find that
all of my friends bothered me
back back
take it back back
go now
take it back back

still the world keeps changing
and) soon there wont be no one else
(still) the world keeps changing
wont be no one else
need to put all of ya/me out there
hope that someone cares
not the only one left right?
I’m not the only one left right?
i gotta face the world keeps changing
there wont be nobody else
need to hold myself together
one foot forward than the next
keep me moving on left, right


Written by Liam Stirzaker.


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