Hightower – Track Review & Interview

Parisian punk rock band Hightower is made up of Atilla(Vocals), Alexis(Bass), Benjamin(Guitar), Jérémie(Guitar) and Romain(Drums). Their latest releases ‘The Party’ and ‘Tournesol’ have filled me with great excitement for the release of their new album ‘Club Dragon’ (Released September). After their debut album Sure.Fine.Whatever (Released 2014) was a great success they returned to the studio with Steve Evetts (Real Friends, Sick Of It All, Kid Dynamite, Lifetime) who also recorded and produced their debut.


So these first two tracks to be released off the upcoming album have left a lot of promise that Club Dragon could be a real contender for one of the top albums of 2017. The Party perfectly shows off exactly what Hightower are all about. Its Punk Rock with that awesome emotionally-driven emo edge that gives off those reminiscent feelings of some old Taking Back Sunday tracks. Check it out below!


The second song released from upcoming album Club Dragon is Tournesol another track that highlights Hightower’s abilities to write amazing Punk tracks. This one is a bit more high tempo and beautifully thrashy in that perfect way Punk music should be. It has everything I love in a song, top notch vocals, those catchy hooks, a beautiful breakdown and I can’t help but admire the awesome drum work on this track. check it out below.


Club Dragon will be released in September through KROD Records, JOE COOL Records & FAR CHANNEL Records.


I caught up with the Hightower guys in the following interview.

Q: What Genre of rock would you guys place your music into? And who are your biggest influences?

A: I would say punk rock but for sure, Attila would say we’re a pop/punk band. Biggest influences for Hightower would be bands such as Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Osker, Crackout, Hell Is For Heroes.

 Q: How long have you guys been making music together? Tell us about your song writing process.

 A: First rehearsal was in 2012 and first album came out in late 2014. The song writing process is simple; Jeremie is the music headmaster. He usually comes to the practice with riff and structure then we re work the structure and it’s done. Benjamin brought one song on this album.


Q: We’re totally in love with ‘The Party’ and ‘Tournesol’ over here at noiseflashmusic, Tell us more about your upcoming album ‘Club Dragon’.

 A: Thank you for the kind words guys ! For sure “Club Dragon” has fast classic punk rock songs but also contains some 2000’s era elements and yes, we wrote a “slow rock” song ! This record is also produced, recorded and mixed by Steve Evetts in Los Angeles.

 Q: How has your music changed/evolved since you started making music together?

 A: I think the main change in our music is the voice since Attila joined the band. We’re way more melodic now.

 Q:What’s the ultimate direction for Hightower? Where would you like to see yourselves in the next few years ?

 A: We’ll still be there writing songs, music is our passion !


Written by Liam Stirzaker




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