Glassjaw’s ‘Worship and Tribute’ A Personal Reflection, 15 Years On

“Its been 15 years…”
While Hybrid Theory and Revolutions Per Minute were gateway albums helping me and many others branch out the seeds of the musical palette tree , Worship and Tribute made me and also many others want to be in a band.
From track one it was this vibrant beating heart of the absurd and emotional and the whole album is stricken with an instrumental personality disorder.
The blistering pace of “Tip Your Bartender” soon turned to the disturbed slow dance of “Ape Dos Mil”. I had no favourite song and every word was ambiguous and open to interpretation. 
Daryl Palumbo was an idol of my time. He was a cut open Mike Patton bleeding fragile and delicate poetry.
over the past 15 years its been analysed past recognition. anyone inspired by it wanted there band to make their own Worship and Tribute and they still do today. 
I’m no Roger Ebert or Dave Meltzer I’m just another pretentious kid telling you should be listening to Worship and Tribute. 
“When I heard ‘Worship and Tribute’

I thought my dreams come true

Listening to most other bands

It seems they all did too” 
Reuben – Crushed Under The Weight of Enormous Bullshit


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