An Interview With Whale Bones

Seaside EP

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana Alternative Indie band Whale Bones throw together influences from Post-Hardcore and Alternative Prog Rock music and stamp their own high powered and unique spin on it.


Their debut release ‘The Seaside EP’ was released back in 2015. This haunting and endearingly honest 5 track EP was inspired by an adventure to the coast of Florida, exploring a journey of self regret and eventual forgiveness. Track one ‘Current’ eases us in perfectly and every second of this track progresses in a rippling build up readying us for the powerful wave of crushing beauty that is about to engulf us in track two ‘Hiding From The Sea’. This track is a real highlight from ‘The Seaside EP’ throwing about light and shade it really sets a scene and perfectly depicts the peaceful yet gigantic aggression of the ocean. My personal favourite off the EP is track four ‘Exhausted Forgiveness’  with crushing guitars, strong lead vocals and a hard hitting, emotional chorus that really does hit you right in them feels!

‘The Seaside EP’ displays the inventiveness and intelligence of ‘Whale Bones’ these guys know exactly how to write a song. Its honest, its open and its simply a magnificent listen. I caught up with Nathan from the band to see what we could expect next from this exciting prospect.


Q: So how did you guys meet?

A: I met Paul when I was a freshman in college. We found out that we had really similar taste in music, so we started playing songs together on the streets for some chump change. we really clicked as far as our performance and also our ideals. It was really special, because I didn’t have anyone else I really felt comfortable playing with at the time. I’ve never been able to play drums, so it was cool to have someone who could play and knew what I was going for.

Q: How was your March 2017 tour?

A: The March tour was awesome! we did a shirt run down to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. It was fun getting to play some new states, and also to catch up with some old friends. I was really happy with our performances, and we got to record a really cool session with our friends at Playlistplay. We introduced a new song on tour and people seemed to really like it, so I’m excited to work on finishing the new record and getting it out to everyone.

Q: What gives you inspiration to write, and who are your biggest influences?

A: I’m inspired by creative people. It’s always exciting to me seeing someone who’s so into their craft and really understands their vision. Everyone from visual artists, directors, writers and musicians. They all have something special to bring to the table. I love seeing their style and understanding what makes them tick, that drives me to further my own vision and motivates me to stay productive. People like Daniel Davison, Terrence Malick, Lars Von Trier, and Brit Marling are creatively really inspiring. As far as music goes , Underoath, As Cities Burn, From Indian Lakes, Now Now, Copeland and plenty more play a part in where I draw influence. I’m always open to new ideas and new methods of creativity. Its just amazing that people are able to make things.

Q: What’s next for Whale Bones and when can we expect a new record from you guys?

A: Up next is recording the new album! I recently finished writing and demoing everything, and now its time to start the final drafts. I’m recording the album myself, so I have to get my studio set up for this project specifically. I will be tracking most everything myself (Except drums of course), which will take a while In between work and other obligations. After that, i’ll be mixing everything to make sure it sounds exactly how I want. There are no plans for a release date yet, but I hope to have everything done before the end of this year.

You can find out more about Whale Bones at the following sites:

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Hiding From The Sea Video :




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