Interview with The Elation

Based in Cork, Ireland, Independent 4-piece Pop Rock band The Elation is made up of Chris (Vocals) Declan (Bass/Keys) Billy (Guitar/Vocals) and Luke (Drums). Releasing their first two tracks ‘XO’ and ‘Catch’ earlier in the year the guys really caught my attention. The two tracks are filled with funky dancefloor synths and extremely catchy Pop Rock hooks. They will have your foot tapping and your head bobbing after one listen of these two contagious songs that and left me dying to see what’s next for this promising band.

After teaming up to write and record with multi-platinum selling record producer Andy Whitmore out of a London based studio the guys took their band back to their hometown to play a tour to support their single ‘XO’

If you haven’t heard of ‘The Elation’ yet then I can assure you that you will over the coming years.

I caught up With Chris from the band in the following interview. 

Q: So how did you guys meet?

A: we are based in Cork, Ireland and met through friends in the local live music scene. Cork is quite a small place but always seemed to have quite a good buzz about it when it comes to live gigs. 3 of the members also studied in the Cork School of Music and had played in a couple of bands together through college. 

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

A: As a group I think we have quite diverse tastes in music which leads to many drawn out conversations in the van over what is good and what is not😄.As a youngster I was always into the pop/rock thing and to this day claim that blink 182 got me into music. I have always enjoyed listening to wide varieties of music and discovering new stuff in the rock, metal and hip-hop worlds.

These days I am definitely enjoying listening to some old disco and funk. A couple of artists the band can all agree that we love is the likes of Prince,Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson and Queen. 

Our guitarist Billy won’t let me live it down if I don’t give his favourite Toto an honourable mention😄. The 1975 are also on all our playlists at the moment.

Q: Tell us more about the song ‘Catch’

A: When the band first got together in the summer of 2016. We demoed a bunch of songs and one that kept standing out of that list at the time was ‘Catch’.
Catch was an idea Billy(guitar) came to us with, he had a few chords a rhythm and a chorus melody which we all really liked. 

We chopped and changed the structure for a couple of months. A funny story actually is I had a USB key with about 40 versions of the original demo of catch on it. I somehow managed to lose the USB on a ferry while we were on tour. The lads told me I should have put the USB in my sock🤣.

Luckily we had a few of the demos backed up and we could salvage a chunk of the ideas. This forced us to demo it even further and create new ideas which I think benefited the song in the long run! At least that’s what I tell the lads in the band😊

Lyrically billy and myself co wrote the idea for catch. Billy had the idea for the verses and chorus and I took the pre chorus. 

It’s a song about relationships but what I always found interesting is we wrote about different aspects of the same topic and merged them together. The part I wrote about can be summed up quite well with a Taylor Swift track titled ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in’ and Billy’s is about being stuck in a relationship and wondering if it’s going in the right direction and are we just prolonging the inevitable break up. Some of the meanings to our songs can be a bit of a downer so lads do a good job of making them sound happy😄

Q: What is your song writing process?

A: We wrote Catch and all our songs in our little studio space that we have on the suburbs of the city. A process that we like to try when we write is get a demo down in our studio and then road test it at a gig. Play it live and see how it feels and see what kind of a reaction it gets we find it can be a honest gauge of the song. We usually do this for a month or so and make changes in between before we record it.

Q: What is next for The Elation?

A: We have just finished a bunch of brand new demos and we are heading back to London at the end of April to start recording them plus do a few shows and try and record a video for an upcoming single in the process.

After that we are planning to release our third single at the start of the summer which will lead us into our summer tour of Ireland. We have some cool festivals and venues lined up for this tour like Townlands Carnival and Indiependence festival which are going to be a lot of fun! Our plan for 2017 is to try and release as much music as possible and to gig like crazy.

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