Dance Gavin Dance, My thoughts on Mothership


So, I’ve been a fan of Dance Gavin Dance for quite some time now. It’s been 11 years since they formed and nearly 10 years since their first studio album, ‘Downtown Battle Mountain’ was released. Though their line-up has changed in the past their music has only gained in quality. Their latest album ‘Mothership’ is totally out of this world to say the least. Since it was released one week ago today I have been completely lost in it and when I haven’t had it blasting into my ears I’ve been nothing but miserable. From start to finish this album is impeccable, Tilian Pearson’s voice takes us far away into a world we didn’t know existed and then the ever talented Jon Mess pulls us back down to earth to remind us we are still alive. Also, I can’t leave out that Mattias Adolfsson has provided another amazing piece of album artwork.


For me this is post-hardcore at its very best, you always know an awesome album when you can listen to it from start to finish and skip no songs at all. Personal highlights are hard to choose because there is not as single bad song on the album. If I had to choose 3 songs that really stood out for me personally they would be: Track 1 ‘Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise’ which starts the album off with a fantastic bang. Track 5 ‘Deception’ which has an epic haunting quality that seems to make the world slow down. Track 10 ‘Betrayed By The Game’ is another favourite of mine which i see as a firm staple of Dance Gavin Dance doing exactly what they do best. Other tracks like ‘Exposed’ and ‘Chocolate Jackalope’ cannot be ignored. But like I said before no track goes unnoticed on this album. Every single one grabs you by the scruff of the neck and screams love me, and it’s very difficult not to.

For me it’s the lyrics that really excite me on ‘Mothership’ for example;

‘Touch me, taste me, tell me I’m not fading. Tell me that I look just like a man, ‘Cause lately baby I’ve been going crazy trying not to be an embarrassment’

The above taken from ‘Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise’ this is a classic example of how well written these lyrics are and the music itself glitters with a hard kind of groove that you don’t get anywhere else, and whether your name is Gavin or not you really do want to dance. It’s track 9 ‘Exposed’ that really hits me lyrically. I could write down every line in this song because i love every word but the ones below are probably my favorite;

‘Through all the fear and doubt, two-faced anxiety
Through all the chemicals bouncing inside my brain
Through all my weakness in disguise
I think I can see a little truth in your eyes’

 The vocal partnership between Tilian and Jon has always really moved me. There are some amazing vocal partnerships out there in various sub genres of rock music but this one really stands out for me. i really hope they continue making albums and experimenting with the amazing line up they currently have.

Dance Gavin Dance are currently on tour around the States and will be heading over to Europe and the UK next month, and i won’t be missing their gig at Manchester Sound Control in Novemeber.

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