We All Need Music Here

If you’re reading this then you’re probably like me, you don’t crave a slice of buttery toast in the morning or a bowl of your favourite cereal. You wake up and you need music in your ears, you reach for your headphones, or put that old iPod into your docking station, you probably annoy your boyfriend/girlfriend/family with your music talk, you’ve probably had everyone say to you  ‘that’s far too loud, you’ll go deaf if you carry on’. If I did happen to go deaf then it would have all been worth it.

I decided to start this blog – RTLDmusic (Read Talk Listen Discover Music) – because I love music, I love everything about it, and I think you’re the same, you hear something in music that most people don’t.

So the main goal of my blog is to give my readers something to discover, something new, whilst also reviewing albums from the past that have stuck with me and that I still play all the time, songs that you can relate to and reminisce over. Some of them you’ll be hearing for the first time, and there is no shame in that. I still discover new music every day and I think to myself – how haven’t I heard this before?? Its 10 years old and all I’ve done for the last 10 years is search for new music! – I will also be compiling countdowns, gig reviews, album reviews, photos, playlists and much more.  I spend most of my time searching for new songs and bands to listen to. I hope I can introduce you to some too.

We’re never going to agree on everything.  I’m sure there will be some songs I recommend that you don’t like or maybe just simply aren’t your thing. That’s absolutely fine but let’s just respect the fact that someone took the time to write that song, that in itself is a massive achievement. I’d love everyone to have their say, but lets all remember that whether its post hardcore, death metal, punk rock, or even pop music, we all love music and that’s why we’re here.

Enjoy guys.

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